Group Retreat (Apr 2011)

Lothar Richter

The bioinformatics program at the TUM/LMU

Esmeralda Vicedo

Are protein disordered regions equal to loops?

Tatyana Goldberg

Predict subcellular localization in all kingdoms

Edda Kloppmann

Target selection for membrane protein structure determination

Arthur Dong

Systems biology of virus-host interactions (upon request only!)

Tobias Hamp

Analysis of external protein-protein interfaces

Michael Menden

Identification of DNA-binding residues from amino acid sequence data

Andreas Maunz

Novel Methods for Graph Mining in Databases of Small Molecules

Janos Binder

Reflect: a tool for life scientist

Salvador Santiago

Mapping mutations from literature to sequences: case study HIV-1

Maria Secrier

Understanding temporal patterns in cell cycle regulation through visualization

Venkata Satagopam

Applying data integration and knowledge management techniques to analyze

systems biology data

Reinhard Schneider

High-performance computing in biology and the race to Exascale

Rui Li

Multi-View Stacking for Dementia Classification

Marc Offman

Large scale molecular dynamics analysis of SNPs

Yana Bromberg

Identifying protein functional sites using in silico mutagenesis

Christian Schaefer

Can we predict structural change upon point mutation? (upon request only!)

Andrea Schafferhans

Searching function through docking

Markus Schmidberger

Is cloud computing a new way for reproducible research?

Laszlo Kajan

PredictProtein in the cloud

Maina Bitar

Structural comparison between E. coli and Erwinia chrysanthemi

L-Asparaginases to facilitate rational engineering of a cancer drug

Dedan Githae

HDP as an antimalarial drug target