Oberseminar SS 2011

Type:             Seminar
Lecturer:       Burkhard Rost, Stefan Kramer
Time:            14:15 - 15:45
Room:           MI 01.09.034
Language:     English

Talks SS 2011

Sep 22   Juan de Toro Martin
             "Adaptive response of pancreatic alpha cells and hepatic carbohydrate metabolism
              during chronic nutritional deprivation"

Sep 15   Eibe Frank
             "Multi-instance Learning in the WEKA software"

July 7     Ariane Böhm
             "Optimizing Graph Clusters for Local Classification and Regression Models"

June 16  Tobias Hamp
             "Quarterny Structure Prediction"

June 9    Andrea Schafferhans
             "(SNP) Sequence Annotation Pipeline(s) - Content and Visualisation"

May 26   Christian Schäfer
             "On the attempts of structural change prediction upon point mutation -
              Are we there yet?"

May 19   Laszlo Kajan
             "Rost Lab resources: will I reimplement the wheel? -
              how to find and share reusable components in the Rost Lab"

May 12   Markus Schmidberger
             "17 months at Rostlab and what the future brings"

April 14  Arthur Dong
             "Interaction of Neandertal SNPs"